HW Support & Troubleshooting
 New PostsUpdated harness -> no video output

rmt05  2020-02-09T23:47:48Z

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Last Post by:rmt05   2020-02-09T23:47:48Z

 New PostsDynamic Parking lines no longer working

ReDeViL  2019-09-06T17:16:02Z - 1 2

  • Replies: 21
  • Views: 361

Last Post by:sabad66   2020-02-06T14:53:11Z

 New PostsMore Problems...now screen stopped working

Swiftvision  2019-11-09T16:54:16Z

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  • Views: 187

Last Post by:Jack1e   2020-02-05T10:42:59Z

 New PostsAUX-IN Still Not Working/No Sound

Swiftvision  2019-10-19T01:36:27Z - 1 2

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  • Views: 513

Last Post by:a_s-Oo4   2020-02-05T00:18:39Z

 New PostsSwitching to rear cam view while driving

syd2o2  2020-01-06T15:38:33Z

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Last Post by:a_s-Oo4   2020-01-29T20:54:09Z

 New PostsNo sound Audi A3 2016 MIB
Sound does not work

zenkun  2020-01-11T14:59:44Z

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Last Post by:zenkun   2020-01-12T14:04:56Z

 New Posts8.8" Octacore 3GB RAM Android MMI Navigator problems
Audi A4 B8 allroad 2014 facelift / Concert rsnav 8.8"

Andrey  2020-01-07T14:04:47Z

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Last Post by:Andrey   2020-01-07T14:04:47Z

 New Postsbackground noise
background noise

guacianiero  2020-01-03T20:46:37Z

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Last Post by:guacianiero   2020-01-07T10:01:12Z

 New PostsPossible to unlock additional LTE bands?

jbourne  2020-01-05T06:04:52Z

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Last Post by:jbourne   2020-01-05T06:21:42Z

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Last Post by:seickers   2019-12-27T06:29:09Z

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Last Post by:jbourne   2019-12-20T11:56:22Z

 New PostsNo video from RSNAV

Dave  2019-11-05T23:22:59Z

  • Replies: 8
  • Views: 174

Last Post by:Pakidermo5000   2019-12-20T09:45:34Z

 New PostsAudi 8v 7" Touch screen no response
No sense for touch screen

AwaD  2019-12-15T15:08:47Z

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  • Views: 57

Last Post by:AwaD   2019-12-17T15:55:24Z

 New PostsPossible to have a RCA (video) in?

jbourne  2019-12-16T13:04:04Z

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Last Post by:jbourne   2019-12-16T13:04:04Z

 New PostsOEM Interface Blank
Double checked cable connections and still have black screen - help!

mlin81  2019-09-29T20:45:33Z

  • Replies: 10
  • Views: 235

Last Post by:Pakidermo5000   2019-12-11T09:52:07Z

 New PostsScreen Quick Flash: UK RHD LHT 7" Octacore for UK Audi A4 B8
Quick Screen Flash: UK RHD LHT 7" Octacore for UK Audi A4 B8 - Screen Shows Momentary Flash, Then No

mark2c  2019-12-05T08:02:48Z

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  • Views: 80

Last Post by:Pakidermo5000   2019-12-11T09:48:03Z

 New PostsWeak GPS Signal

andRap  2019-10-19T06:41:01Z

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  • Views: 150

Last Post by:Pakidermo5000   2019-12-10T22:22:36Z

 New PostsAudi Music Interface: This device or this type of cable is not supported
cable is not supported

Hido  2019-08-27T09:38:58Z

  • Replies: 15
  • Views: 292

Last Post by:Hido   2019-11-27T13:34:37Z

 New PostsInitial Connection Issues
Problems with Android Auto on screen

bobaudia7  2019-11-12T15:34:14Z

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Last Post by:bobaudia7   2019-11-12T15:34:14Z

  • Replies: 1
  • Views: 79

Last Post by:phred19   2019-11-09T15:01:14Z
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