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EDIT 2: Just received feedback from Daniel, all is well! Cheers.

Hi there,

I was wondering what the difference was between the basic and the high from a software and compatibility standpoint. I was told my car's system was a basic system, but when I picked it up last week I checked myself and it is MMI 3 High. I have ordered a RHD LHT 10.25" Octacore 3GB Android MMI system and stated I had basic in the order based off why my dealer told me. What troubles am I likely to face?

I've also emailed in the hopes of catching the order before it is shipped in case I have really screwed up! I understand you all have a lot to do and that it may take some time to get a reply 😁

EDIT: Just got notification that it has shipped *gulp* 🤣

Also having read through the forum just wanted to say keep up the good work, and credit to the contributors here; I get the sense that there is are a lot of good folk here to support one another.


2010 Audi A5 3.0 TDI Sportback
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