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Hi all,

I noticed this today.

I was listening to mmi radio running Gmaps in the background.
I had a music player paused in the background. When gmaps gives directions, I hear them through the center speaker mixed with the radio sound. Till here all fine.

After a while i realised that the first 500ms of Gmaps indications there was some sound interfering. Well, this sound was the music of the player which had resumed.

So, there are 2 problems :
Player resumes automatically. (easoly solved by killing the application).
- sound mute not working properly. The system did not manage well the audio streams, meaning that when Gmaps gives indications, the system should pause all other sources and let only Gmaps speak. So, it happens but some ms too late, so the first 500ms are mixed OF Gmaps with music + mmi radio in my case.

Does it happen to anyone else?
Does it happen in Android 7?
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