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Hi all,

I own an A4 B8 8K (pre-facelift, concert radio) and looking into ordering a S2 unit, 8.8". This is the model I am interested in:

Can anyone tell me the difference between Android 7 and Android 9 versions?

From what I have learned by reading on the website:

'Android 7.1 hardware is different from Android 9.0 hardware despite both will use the same resolution screen and the same cable.'

How exactly is the hardware different? Are there any other important differences I should be aware of? Are there any other benefits in waiting for more expensive 9.0 version?



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Because i am interested in new technical stuff is think i would wait for the new release. I know myself and i think if i buy the actuall version i would upgrade to the higher version directly after release :)

I think the higher version isn't released yet. So we do not know the exact specitications.

Just as a general note:
Higher CPU Version will be more efficient and will allow more memory. As all smartphones... the newer hardware version will be better (a bit more faster, etc).
You can buy the Android 7 Version and upgrade to Android 9 later (software only) but you will loose a bit of speed. As every new OS-Version Andoid 9 needs more ressources.
But you need to think about the usage. My old HW3.0 Version was good and fast enough. (GMaps, DAB+ and Spotify)
if you want to use more powerfull apps you will be interested in more speed. (As an example: the new GoogeMaps features like 3d view will need more hardware, using splitscreen to use an navigation and video at the same time will need more memory etc.)

2015 Audi A4 TDI, MMI HN+, ASS + Eton, RSNAV 8.8" Android 7, Hardware Version 3
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From talking with Daniel it seems like there will be significant SW differences between v7.1.2 and 9.0. The later version has significantly improved security and they need to find new ways to communicate with the car system. With the delay due to the Coronavirus I would doubt the 9.0 doesn't come out till the end of the summer and then could be buggy into fall/winter.  I was going back and forth with ordering and i decides to get the 7.1.2. If the 7.1.2 solves the 1 or 2 issues with the S1 HW that might be enough for me, unless I have the itch. 

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