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This is Daniel KIM, the bad-tempered, extremely poor customer service mannered, benevolent dictator of RSNAV.

First of all, thank you to Tim Watts(a.k.a cybernet99@Audizine) making this forum.

Indeed, this forum is always needed to do better customer service and improvement in RSNAV systems.

I admit that RSNAV is neither perfect nor easy to setup. I feel sorry I can make your experience better yet.

As many times as I've said, RSNAV is only 2 years old, and slowly, one by one improving. I wish RSNAV works smooth as the OEM systems,

but, our team's capability did not reach there yet.

So currently, what's happening with RSNAV team are following

For Android Systems

- Sound getting mute after waking up from hibernation is still being investigated.

- New CANBUS module that works better and faster is now under beta testing. If this is significantly better than the older ones, we may run an upgrade program in reasonable fees.

- For Audi C7, we are developing a video interface to use the instrument cluster display freely

- RSA-9 dev is completely stopped using existing MTK8783 platform, but it will come with an entirely new platform by the end of this year. We will introduce breaking through technology to the next generation platform such as PIP of Audi original display in Android.

- 2G MMI beta testing is now done and started manufacturing for public release.

- EU Modem issue needs assistance from wireless com. engineer but it's a sporadic bug so hard to tackle. Hope someone can find out something from our source code. It seems APN profile issue, but our own team is not kin on RF technology or cellphone modem.

- A new USB cable with better car play stability plus no need to remove the filter for laptop update is now being tested. If it goes well, will offer it as a separate part to purchase for existing customers.

For Standalone system

- continuing to tackling on the echo issue.

With RSNAV Android factory, the lingering problem is slow shipping. I am actively searching for an alternative, but it's Economics 101 - if it has to be capped to be cheap, there is a long waiting time. If we can charge over 100$ for shipping, it could be the same day ship out, but nobody willing to pay so. At least for now, we gut out Hong Kong from our shipping route and this is causing additional pressure on shipping cost, but for now, we are just hanging here. Nevertheless, if the Hong Kong situation and/or the U.S. - China trade war go worse, there may be necessary to increase the shipping fees.

unlike what I am being mean in threads and forums, I feel really sorry for those who find discomfort with my products and also am shameful that I can't serve each of you better.
Nevertheless, please understand that it is not viable for one person to manage everything - RSNAV shop, development, management, logistics, customer service and I've been doing so 2 years.

For this reason, I am welcoming any exclusive distribution right offer or a part-time employment offer.
If you want to distribute RSNAV products exclusively in your country, continent, please feel free to do an offer to info@rsnav.com
The brand, website ownership is transferrable meanwhile I myself would concentrate on the development of the systems.
If you want to be a customer service agent for RSNAV.com as a part-time work from home job, you can submit your CV to info@rsnav.com
For a part-time job, you need extensive knowledge of Audi car models and infotainment system classification, an experience of installing and operating RSNAV and should have at least 2~3 hours/day of working time to reply to emails.

Once again, I appreciate your generous understanding and patronage to RSNAV.

Thank you.

Daniel KIM
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Thanks Daniel, and thanks to Tim as well for getting the forum up and running.

I'm sure there is going to be a lot of complaining of small things but at least we can track it better and help each other out.

Daniel, I still believe in your product and I'm sure it can only get better. Still have my vote and will continue to support you, nothing is really perfect but it can be addressed with enough time and resources.

Thanks to the RSNAV team overall
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Daniel, despite the fact that RSNAV units have some bugs, in my opinion it's on top of other android units. The best thing of all, is the support and the firmware updates you have. These updates made to buy RSNAV, even if it was more expensive that other Chinese units.

Every unit, at it's first step will have bugs, especially when the same hardware is for many car models.

We, users, will post bugs in order to be fixed and the unit will be more stable that ever.

Take care and be patient to listen to us 😁
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Grazie DANIEL per il tuo dispositivo,a mio avviso la miglior soluzione a tutti quelli in commercio,apprezzo il tuo lavoro e ti ringrazio,qui stiamo diventando una comunità che crede nel tuo lavoro e nella tua creazione,grazie di cuore. Non mollare e abbi cura di noi.
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