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I'm learning more and more about the Android space (as an iOS user) and started wondering why we're running Android 6/7 while there are 3 newer versions out.

The hardware sounds powerful enough to me, or not? Then I thought it might be driver related, but just like how a single set of drivers works on Windows 7 / 8 / 10 I expect there doesn't change anything for new Android versions either. So what is the limiting factor from running those newer versions?
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I believe it is all about supported hardware, and the drivers that have been compiled into the operating system.

For Google devices of course support is great, but these Android car devices are not made by Google, nor are they made by "Samsung, Motorola" etc. So … who makes them, … independents, small boutique sellers etc.

So, what ends up missing? Compatible and well working drivers for the combinations of hardware. Drivers in an Android system are compiled into the main kernel, so it's not like you can easily add drivers as hardware changes.

I'm no Android expert, but this is my take on it. If Samsung created a device such as this for automotive use, they would protect their version of the operating system, so no one else would be able to leverage their research and development.
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