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poizzon  2020-01-21T02:07:46Z

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Last Post by:TimWatts   2020-01-23T00:01:36Z
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Last Post by:huangsonone   2020-01-11T08:17:40Z
 New PostsIs it brocken?

sickday  2020-01-06T08:33:01Z

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Last Post by:sickday   2020-01-06T08:33:01Z
 New PostsEnabling steering wheel controls

huangsonone  2019-12-23T21:37:14Z

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Last Post by:erik83   2019-12-26T14:22:50Z
 New Postssuggestion; gallery/showcase subforum

erik83  2019-10-17T07:03:14Z

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Last Post by:erik83   2019-10-18T10:40:32Z
 New Postsofficial releases

gonny  2019-08-31T17:18:35Z

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Last Post by:Howard_Munson   2019-09-02T11:52:16Z
 New PostsCarPlay / Android Auto Dongle

DennisMitchell  2019-08-16T00:10:57Z

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Last Post by:TimWatts   2019-08-17T04:15:08Z
 New PostsIssue tracker

jontis  2019-08-06T12:31:26Z

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Last Post by:TimWatts   2019-08-07T00:26:21Z
 New PostsLikes and Polls

DennisMitchell  2019-08-06T23:46:57Z

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Last Post by:TimWatts   2019-08-07T00:24:19Z
 New PostsUpdate Categorie

JuS  2019-08-06T05:34:56Z

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Last Post by:erik83   2019-08-06T09:09:39Z
 New PostsMobile App

sickday  2019-08-05T13:25:59Z

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Last Post by:erik83   2019-08-05T19:37:25Z
Hardware Installation
 New Posts8.8 inch RSNAV audi a5 trim fitting issues
plastic trim sees to have issues with fitting

Darkthor  2020-06-25T21:20:31Z

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  • Views: 77

Last Post by:Darkthor   2020-08-06T12:03:00Z
 New PostsAdditional wires on the main harness B8 RS5 - Smart Link
What are these wires for?

Macca911  2020-06-28T20:27:51Z

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  • Views: 123

Last Post   2020-07-13T23:30:33Z
 New Postsrsnav 8.8 a5 2010 - not shutting down with car
shutdown car, lock it, rsnav keeps staying ON consuming battery

Darkthor  2020-06-15T23:28:56Z

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  • Views: 65

Last Post by:TimWatts   2020-06-19T00:09:22Z
 New PostsUsing original microphone with RSNAV ?

Crow55  2020-04-23T17:25:19Z

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Last Post by:Crow55   2020-04-23T17:25:19Z
 New PostsAudi A4 B8 S2 Device reverse aftermarket camera wiring
Reverse camera does not start  2020-04-22T17:08:38Z

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Last Post   2020-04-22T17:08:38Z
 New PostsAudi q5 2011 s2 MMI controls don't work

LeoKismet  2020-03-16T04:51:11Z

  • Replies: 3
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Last Post by:Nemeth27   2020-03-30T15:58:52Z
 New PostsRSNAV Android 7.0 3GB/32GB Audi 2G MMI High
Installation Problems - It just won't work with the Audi system

Jones  2020-01-03T09:22:28Z

  • Replies: 15
  • Views: 506

Last Post by:Jones   2020-01-30T09:01:09Z
 New PostsAny RSNAV System for MMI2G working with sound?
No sound out of my MMI2G System/ Anybody with a working MMI2G device out there?

Jones  2020-01-30T08:40:48Z

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Last Post by:Jones   2020-01-30T08:40:48Z
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Last Post by:Redacted   2019-12-28T02:20:55Z
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